COVID-19 Update

May 23, 2020

Dear TCF Church Family,

It sure has been a long time since we have met together, and I know many of you are so ready to come and worship together.

As most of you probably heard, the President, today, said “he wants churches to be able to meet in person this weekend.”  So I have had some inquiries as to whether we are meeting this Sunday or not.

I am very ready to have us together again for our church services.  I wanted to communicate a few things with you.

#1. We will NOT be meeting this Sunday, May 24th.  We will still be in the online format.  The announcement from the President just came out yesterday. We have a bunch of equipment to move, chairs to arrange, supplies to be secured, so that we are ready to meet.

#2. Our hope is to have services on Sunday May 31st.  I will be on a phone meeting with Pastors and the Governor on Tuesday of next week.  I will know many more answers on that day as to what the expectations are for our being able to meet. I also received an email from our District Superintendent, and there will be a zoom meeting of all Nazarene Pastors on Wednesday.

AFTER those two meetings, we will be more informed as to the when, how, what, etc in terms of opening!!!!!  So in preparation of all of these things………..I would ask that you PRAY!

Pray for wisdom

Pray for all involved in making decisions

Pray for God’s very best for us

Pray for courage

Pray for the Holy Spirit to be totally at work in this whole situation

Pray for the Holy Spirit to work in me/us! With that said, I would like to do a………..

#3 Prayer Walk.  In preparation for our opening.  I would like to invite anyone who wants to participate, to come to the church Saturday, May 30th at 11 am to do a prayer walk around our church building and our property and neighborhood.   Prayer is so very important in these days for seeking God’s direction and will for all of us.

God bless you today

Pastor Ed



Giving. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your faithfulness in giving in this uncertain time!  We have a $10,000 a month building payment. But know that we are trusting God to supply our need!  And your need!!!!

 Here is how you can give to our church:

– Drop it by the Church

– Mail it in to:  PO Box 472048, Aurora, CO 80047

– Online giving via our website:

Our church phone number is: 303-337-9100                                                            Our church office email:
Pastor Ed’s email:

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